Aprons & Knives offer Innovative Catering, Customized Cakes, Pro Knife Sharpening and Culinary Solutions with vast business expertise and gastronomical knowledge for corporate events, celebrations and intimate gatherings. From multi-course dinners and pass around canapés to intimate buffets featuring cooking stations, live BBQ menus and dynamic mixologists, Aprons & Knives pioneers the hospitality industry.

Elevating catering with a vast culinary repertoire, Aprons & Knives source the best ingredients and offer cutting-edge services with a creative flair for food connoisseurs. Expertise, innovation and personalized service is reflected at every step.


With endless inspiration towards hospitality, Chef Steven’s culinary repertoire began at a very early age. Raised in Malta and based in Dubai, Chef Steven has infused many flavours from not only Malta, but also from his professional experience in Germany, Switzerland, Canada, GCC and much more into artful dishes within the customized menus of Aprons & Knives. Grit, hard work and passion with equal amount of culinary curiosity is the essence of Aprons & Knives’ success.

Having worked in high-end European restaurants, 5-star world- renowned hotels and worked alongside Michelin Starred Chefs, Chef Steven strives to be innovative, yet stay true to the culture of providing an unforgettable dining experience. Directed by the vision of bringing diversity to the table, Chef Steven embraces fresh ingredients and fine flavours to craft a memorable and unique culinary experience – with integrity at every step of the process.


Deeply rooted with cultivated experience, Aprons & Knives strives to create a unique and tailor-made dining experience headed by Chef Steven and his dedicated team. Providing catering for corporate and social events, the company redefines the catering industry with a sensory journey curated for thoughtful clients seeking well-sourced ingredients creatively cooked with style and ethics. The professional and international team pay impeccable attention to detail to ensure that every journey is outstanding and unforgettable.

Aprons & Knives believe in creating an epicurean experience that captivates the senses. Each personalized step plays a key role in creating a harmonious ambience of aroma, sight, taste and touch.


All knives need to be routinely sharpened to stay functional and safe. Aprons & Knives offer expert, high quality and quick sharpening services with the Tormek T2 sharpening machine, used by The Swedish National Team of Chefs in the IKA Culinary Olympics. The result, impeccably sharp blade edges that meet the needs of domestic and professionals alike, industrial warehouses, hypermarkets and butcher shops. With increased quality and performance, Pro Knife Sharpening brings out the most superior experience with an unrivaled convenience. The machines operate with Diamond Edged Wheels which are dedicated to develop sharpening systems through innovative solutions.


The desire to celebrate people and moment is the fuel behind the passion of Aprons & Knives. The innovative customized cake is popular for both flavours and design flairs and the team is committed to make any occasion an unforgettable one, by providing professional and scrumptious cakes, always tailored to the customer.

Aprons & Knives offer freshly baked cakes with the finest ingredients to customers.

Whether looking for a personalized birthday or wedding cake, corporate delights or a special dessert table, Aprons & Knives have the perfect centerpieces, an edible piece of art, that fits all occasions.


Aprons & Knives is committed to take your culinary journey to the desired destination. Whether you are seeking a new food concept, menu creation, menu engineering, food tasting, menu evaluation or training and hiring of staff, seek the expertise of Chef Steven’s F&B culinary solutions that deliver innovative ideas.


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